Scopescreen’s QC-Beads™ are suspensions of latex beads used daily for quality control to support accuracy, precision and competence levels prior to counting sperm samples as well as providing a check for QC related to laboratory accreditation. Scopescreen’s Serum Controls are offered as Negative and/or Positive tests for general and specific confirmation in sperm-based antibody assays.


There is considerable evidence that antibodies directed against sperm surfaces exert a fertility-reducing effect, including impairing sperm movement, exerting an embryo toxic effect and/or reducing the potential for fertilization. Many reproductive specialists screen sperm and/or serum for anti-sperm antibodies before choosing an appropriate Assisted Reproductive Technology. Immunospheres® are Scopescreen product providing a bead method for the detection of sperm-reactive IgA, IgG, IgM and (heavy and light chain) antibodies.


MarScreen® is also a bead method for the detection of sperm-reactive antibodies. It can be used to detect the presence or absence of IgG antibodies on the surface of sperm using a combination of antiserum to human IgG, and bead-conjugated IgG antibodies.


Scopescreen provides a range of tests for detecting anomalies in sperm samples. AcroScreen is a photometric enzyme method for detecting acrosin activity in spermatozoa. CitricScreen® is a photometric method for detecting citric acid in seminal plasma. FructoScreen is also a photometric method and detects the presence of citric acid in seminal plasma. LeucoScreen is a cytochemical stain for detecting granulocytes in semen samples.


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