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Bioscreen Inc. has been manufacturing products for evaluating male fertility since 1991.
The products can be helpful in deciding what Assisted Reproductive Technology to use in treating male infertility.

Products for Evaluating Male Fertility 
AcroScreenTM measures acrosin activity in sperm
CitricScreen® measures citric acid in seminal plasma
FructoScreen® measures fructose in seminal plasma
ImmunoSpheres® Anti-IgA detects IgA antisperm antibodies
ImmunoSpheres® Anti-IgG detects IgG antisperm antibodies
ImmunoSpheres® Anti-IgM   detects IgM antisperm antibodies 
ImmunoSpheres® Anti Ig(H&L)   detects Ig(H&L) antisperm antibodies 
LeucoScreenTM detects peroxidase-positive cells in semen
MarScreen® IgA detects IgA antisperm antibodies 
MarScreen® IgG detects IgG antisperm antibodies 
MarScreen® IgM detects IgM antisperm antibodies
QC-BeadsTM used as controls in counting sperm, FDA Approved For In Vitro Diagnostic Use Only
Sperm Antibody (IgG) Controls serum for antibody testing
Sperm Antibody (IgA/IgG) Controls serum for antibody testing
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Clinical Research: Annotated Bibliography

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